3/26 Marines

Vietnam 1966-1970

This site is dedicated to the Marines and sailors of 3/26 and their families, friends, and supporters.  3rd Battalion 26th Marine Regiment has a proud history of service in World War II and Vietnam. This site is not an official US Marine Corps site.

Battalion History

It is my hope that the memory of these fallen Marines and corpsmen be preserved for future generations.  They answered their country’s call and served with honor. 

Company commanders

Four Vietnam era 3/26 officers went on to become general officers to include the 30th Commandant of the Marine Corps. Read more about them

command chronology

The 3rd Battalion 26th Marine Regiment served with distinction in World War II and in the Vietnam War.  Unit awards of the  Regiment are presented


In remembrance of those who served, those who sacrificed,
those left behind, and the ones who carry on.
We thank you for your service.

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The TAPS archives are arranged alphabetically by last name.  Readers are welcome to send information on 3/26 members for posting.

"The deadliest thing in the world is a marine and his rifle"

Gen. Pershing U.S. Army