The Navy Cross

The Navy Cross is the United States Navy and United States Marine Corps second-highest military decoration awarded for sailors and marines who distinguish themselves for extraordinary heroism in combat with an armed enemy force.


3/26 Marine Navy Cross Recipients

Staff Sergeant Russ Armstrong Russell Armstrong – Recipient – (

Corporal James Barrett James Barrett – Recipient – (

Second Lieutenant Thomas Drew Brindley Thomas Brindley – Recipient – (

Sergeant David Harold Brown David Brown – Recipient – (

Captain William H. Dabney William Dabney – Recipient – (

Captain Andrew DeBona Andrew DeBona – Recipient – (

Gunnery Sergeant Marwick Leroy Kemp (award for actions while member of 2nd Battalion 4th Marines.) Marwick Kemp – Recipient – (

Second Lieutenant Michael Howard Thomas Michael Howard Thomas – Recipient – (

Corporal William Charles Wirick William Charles Wirick – Recipient – (

Sergeant Mykle E. Stahl (attached to K 3/26) Mykle Stahl – Recipient – (

3/26 Marine Silver Star Recipients

The Silver Star Medal is the United States Armed Forces’ third-highest military decoration for valor in combat. The Silver Star Medal is awarded primarily to members of the United States Armed Forces for gallantry in action against an enemy of the United States.

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